Benefits Of Ceramic Protective Paint Coatings

Professional Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings

Like many cutting-edge advancements in the automotive world, Glanz premium ceramic coating was developed in Germany specifically for the finest German sports cars. The advanced ceramic coating is harder than paint, yet more flexible. The result is a permanent bond with your vehicle and unmatched durability against the elements. It also provides an ultra-high-glass finish that looks incredible. We combine this technology with 8-12 hours of professional polishing and compounding prior to application to ensure the best looking Porsche you have ever owned.

Nexgen Premium Ceramic Coating Starting From $1,699.99

Glanz Premium Coatings

Premium Ceramic Window Tint

We also offer traditional dyed film tinting as a more affordable solution for tinting your windows -- but LLumar ceramic window tint offers even better protection from the sun. Ceramic window tints resist heat to keep your interior cool while parked and reduces glare from the sun. It even blocks 99% of UV rays, so you don't get that one-arm sunburn on long drives. Best of all, ceramic window tinting doesn't interfere with keyless entry fobs, cell phone signals and radar detectors. Unlike traditional window tinting, which can interfere with your electronic devices, LLumar window film keeps you cool and protects your privacy with none of the drawbacks.

LLumar Ceramic Window Tint Starting From $299.99

Benefits Of Ceramic Winddow Tint

Paint Protection Film

You simply can't achieve the ultra-premium look of a genuine Porsche factory paint job anywhere else. So, protect your car's original paint with Llumar Premium VALOR paint protection film! This cutting-edge elastomeric polyurethane coating can self-heal and remove small scratches and swirl marks. Just apply warm water or sunlight and watch the damage disappear! The film coating resists fading, yellowing, discoloration and delamination. So much so that it carries a 12 year limited warranty*. So it lasts longer and protects better over time.

Llumar Premium VALOR Paint Protection Film Starting From $2,499.99

Wheel & Brake Calipers Custom Finish & Repairs

Powder Coated Wheels

Transform the look of your car and let us apply a high quality powder coating to your existing wheels. This durable coating is available in matte black, satin black or high-gloss black. We'll also rotate, balance and remount your tires. 

Wheel Powder Coating Service From $1599.99

Custom Painted Brake Calipers

A powerful Porsche sports car needs big, powerful brakes to match -- make them stand out even more with a custom paint finish. We'll match your vehicle's factory Porsche color precisely, or select an accent color for an extra pop of visual interest. We can even mix custom colors and create one-of-a-kind designs. All without having any impact on your vehicle's performance. Ask about available ceramic coating for your custom calipers from our partners at Protective Film Solutions for enhanced durability against rocks and stones.

Custom Painted Brake Calipers From $1299.99

Custom Painted Brake Calipers

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From the latest, most powerful Porsche models to classic Porsche cars from years gone by, the McKenna Porsche service center is the place to go for the best service in Southern California. The talented technicians at McKenna Porsche include certified Classic Porsche Specialists. Even iconic, air-cooled Porsches can get the parts and service they need from experts who know exactly how to care for them today.

Your Porsche is a special vehicle, and that means it deserves a special level of service. And so do you, our customer. You'll find a modern facility staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people. From everyday maintenance to extensive repairs to upgrades and accessory installation, get the very best for your Porsche at McKenna.