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  • Danny McKenna
    Owner C.E.O.

    60 Years of McKenna

    …isn't just celebrating an Anniversary, it's the perfect opportunity show our gratitude to all of our customers. Since our start in the 1950's, the auto industry has changed a lot, but our commitment to our customers remained the same - serving the community with premium cars, uncompromising service & the best possible prices available. We are excited for the future and to continue serving our customers and communities to their fullest satisfaction.

    Every car purchased comes with McKenna V.I.P. Benefits

  • Eric Schwartz
    General Manager

  • Mel Mayuga
    Service Manager

    I've been building one of the best and most guest-oriented service teams in the country. I've done this by taking advantage of his 15 years' experience working every possible position in the service department. I'm even a certified master-technician

    My favorite examples of great customer service involve the client that love their cars and have specialized requests. From custom exhaust retrofits to arranging repairs and transportation on 918 Spyder's located 6 states away I love the opportunity to exceed expectations.

    I often get asked what Porsche I would buy if I could afford any car?  My answer is always the same. "That's not a fair question as I want them all." But as of today, I would state a 1973 RS. The car brings the best of the early air-cooled into one exclusive, fantastic, powerful, and historic example of what a Porsche should be

  • John Sandoval
    Parts Manager

    I have been with McKenna since 1998. I started as a Parts Driver, Parts Associate, Parts Assistant Manager and recently promoted to Parts Manager for McKenna Porsche

    Client came in to purchase an oil filter and walked out with complete brake job was very happy and asked for my name when I replied it's John sir he started calling me Johnson!

    If I were to win the lotto today I would buy a 1977 930 turbo Black on black! I have always liked that model

  • John Ditch
    General Sales Manager

    John started his automotive career back in 1995. He has always had a passion for cars and motorcycles, and feels fortunate to be able to represent the brand he has always dreamed of owning. His favorite Porsche model is the Panamera GTS. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, live concerts, wine tasting, car shows, and spending time with his girlfriend. He loves his job and working with fellow enthusiasts of the Porsche brand. Please do not hesitate to call or email him if he can be of any assistance.

  • Tim Churchill
    Sales Manager

    I have been with the McKenna Group since 1999. In the last 19 years I have built an impeccable reputation by consistently delivering a great purchasing experience with a thoughtful, detail oriented and personal approach to each and every guest. I am extremely confident that by working with me you will love your next Porsche and most likely the many more to follow. 

    Before joining the team I graduated with a degree from Cal State Fullerton (go Titans!) and played professional baseball in the minor leagues for the Phillies. 

    Currently I enjoys spending my free time with my lovely wife Emerald , my daughter Sicily and collecting wristwatches. 

    My favorite Porsche of all time is the 550 Spyder.

  • Kevin V.P. Boyle
    Dealer Customer Experience Advisor

    Worked in hospitality and Guest Services for 5 star, 5 diamond Hotels and Resorts. This includes years with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the Hotel Bel Air, Nikko Hotel in Beverly Hills as well as The Resort at Pelican Hill .

    Years worked for McKenna  --  3 1/2

    Worked for Porsche --  3 1/2 years

    Lotto Car --  A classic 70's  Porsche 911 Targa

    Client story -- A guest came in after spending 35 years working in law enforcement. She saved her money all those years to buy her dream car, a black on black Porsche 911. When she retired she brought in a check to buy the car. My family is also law enforcement so I understand her experience. I gave her some Porsche gifts and she was trilled with the gesture. Made both of us very happy.

  • Derek Haines
    Brand Ambassador

    Derek's passion for Porsche has led him to be a driving instructor with the Porsche Club. He has over ten years of experience representing Porsche in Los Angeles, and would love to be your guide to your next Porsche.

  • Byron E. Brenkus
    Brand Ambassador

    Byron has been in the automotive business for over 30 years. 21 of which were with BMW as a sales professional, internet manager and finance manager.  Since joining the Porsche family he has focused on sharing how simply amazing the Porsche brand is.  Especially when focusing on the driving experience. Byron has the experience, patience, and outgoing personality plus the dedication needed to deliver the best customer experience possible.

  • Dun “Travis” Mi
    Brand Ambassador

    Fluent in Mandarin!

  • Songchae “Steve” Yi
    Brand Ambassador

    Fluent in Korean!

  • Dominic Torres
    Brand Ambassador

  • Alexander Benson
    Certified Brand Ambassador

    Although I am a recent addition to the McKenna Porsche team, I have been with Porsche for years and have been a Porsche fan my entire life! Porsche is much more than a car, it is an embodiment of the passion, attention to detail, and dedication of the engineers that design them and of the customers that drive them. The most rewarding part of my day is seeing a client's expression when they first walk up to their new Porsche! When I dream about winning the lottery and being able to buy any car in the world, I dream of owning Porsche's "Project Gold" (look it up, it's really cool!) Project Gold is a  one-of-one 911 produced in 2018 but is based on the 993 generation 911 from the 1990's. The rarity, craftsmanship, and quality are second to none!

  • Ana Alba
    Service Advisor

    I began my automotive career as a Porsche intern technician and worked my way to a service department assistant before earning my place as the lead Service Advisor.
    I hold a Masters Degree from the University of Liverpool in English Literature and an Associates degree in automotive Technology from Los Angeles Trade Technical college. 
    I'm extremely knowledgeable with all things Porsche. My personal goal is exceeding our guests expectations when it comes to the care and maintenance of thier Porsche.

  • Anthony Jons
    Certified Gold Technician

    Anthony has achieved the highest level of certification as a Porsche Certified Gold Level Technician. His work ethic and drive to be the best of the best shows in the quality of work performed on every Porsche that comes into his work bay. In his free time he is very active with surfing and team sports. You can be confident that if Anthony works on your vehicle it is in great hands.

  • Bryce Walters
    Service Advisor

    I have worked with Porsche and McKenna Porsche for the past 2 years. Prior to that I worked at a high line German car dealership for 17 years.

    I don't have just one favorite guest story per say.  However, I love it when I completely exceed all guest's expectations and change how a guest towards our industry or our dealership specifically.  I consider this a personal challenge to show the guest we are on their side.  I almost always develop a special bond with our guests. I find it very rewarding to grow relationships built on trust and honesty.

    If I won the big lotto tonight I would have to go with a 993 Porsche 911 turbo (silver with red calipers) as my new car. 

  • Geraldine Sarabia
    Service Advisor

    I've  been with McKenna for a year and half now. I was promoted to my current role about 9 months ago and love working here. 

    My favorite client story is about a loyal customer. He is a very sweet man and just recently purchased a new Cayenne. I loved how he involved the entire Service Department on his purchase experience. We all took pictures with him and his beautiful new Cayenne

    If I were to win the $250 million lotto I would buy Charcoal Grey  2018 Macan S. I think its a beautiful cross between a 911 and a cayenne

  • Jenny Gordon
    Service Advisor

    I've worked in luxury automotive service departments for 10 years.I have a BA in Psychology from California State University Long Beach. 
    My Favorite client story: A guest drove in on a Saturday without an appointment. She was panicked because her check engine light had turned on suddenly while driving from her home in San Diego to the USC game. I was the only service advisor here that day and helping several other customers at the time. I did my best to get her car checked in, get her into a Porsche loaner car and get her back on her way to meet her family at the game as quickly as possible. She said she was not only grateful that I took her in without prior notice. She was so impressed to see a woman handling the whole department "so quickly, efficiently, and still with a smile on her face."
    If I won the Lotto tomorrow I would buy a 911 Turbo S

  • John Brouillette
    Parts Associate

    John has been with McKenna since 1984. He started as a Porter and quickly worked his way up to Parts. He has been doing Parts since 1985.

    I have had a lot of repeat guests over the years. It's nice to see the guests keep coming back to purchase more parts from me. 

    If I won the lottery I would buy a 914.6 GT is a 914 with a 6 cylinder with a wide body. Top down, smell the sea in the air, palm tree in distance and no particular place to get to. That's paradise !

  • Roberto Caldera
    Sales Porter

    Roberto started here four years ago as a Porsche Sales Porter and receiving new cars. He loves Porsche cars!

  • Isaac Aguilar
    Service Porter

    I started off here at McKenna Porsche two years ago. I love working here because each day is always something different. A unique Porsche collectable comes in, an exciting new client sparks a conversation with me. 

    Client story- It's hard to just pin point one client story, every client that I have encountered with is special. In one way or another. I've learned to treat every Porsche owner equal, from 911 owners to cayenne owners. When you own a Porsche its more than a brand it's a family.
    Win lottery-Not one but two, Panamera E hybrid turbo S, all black. Would be my daily commuter. 911 GTS 4s carmine red would be my second car. Both beautiful cars, on one I get the hybrid experience & on the other I get the natural feel of a 911 track car but on the street. 

  • Alex Espinoza

  • Bryce Lam

  • Jeremy Allen

  • John Akimoto

  • Matthew Stowells

  • Miguel Rodarte

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